Othello Review

The game that I think brings back childhood memories is Othello. It is a mind game that has coins that are half white and half black, the two players choose which color they want to be and put four coins two black and two white across from each other. The objective is to get as many coins as possible that are your color by switching the coins of the other color by sandwiching them. For example suppose you’re white and there is a line of black coins with a white one at the beginning, you can put a white coin at the end (sandwiching the black coins) to turn all the black coins to white coins. Whoever has the most coins of their color when the the board is full wins the game. 🙂


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One thought on “Othello Review”

  1. Great review. Othello is a very classic game :)… BTW, try a different theme for your wordpress.

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