Final Project: Proposal (Color Blindness)

  1. What is your prototype about?

I would like to make a simulation of colorblindness. A person will be able to take a picture or video of his/herself and he/she will be able to choose to see their picture through different forms of color blindness. There are three kinds of colorblindness: total, red-green, and blue-yellow.

2.   What will people learn from your experience?

They can learn the impact of colorblindness on sight.

3. Will it be interactive or is it something people will watch? If interactive, what can the user do?

Yes, it will be interactive, users will be able to see a live video or a be able to take a picture of themselves. They will then be able to convert their picture or live stream to match different views of a colorblind person. Since there are three kinds, they will have three options.

4.  How would your design fit in with the Exploratorium? Describe your experience from yesterday and include pictures. Use examples!

I think it will fit in because it is interactive. This project reminds me of the face mash-up exhibit where two people can combine their faces by sitting across from a sheet of glass the reflects their faces because the light shining on their faces. Here’s a picture:


5.  Draw a diagram that explains how your prototype works.


6.  Are there any existing systems that are similar to yours? Name and link them.

This website asks you to upload a picture but I want the users to take a picture or have a live video stream. Similar site (actually exactly the same)



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